Music For Florian

Autobhan was one of the first records I heard on a “proper” Hi-Fi rig that really jumped out at me and made me say “Damn, This is really good.” I think about the moment all the time when I’m listening to music and checking out gear. Last week, when news of Kraftwerk’s Florian Schneider’s death swept the internet it hit a little harder so I spent the next few days mourning and listening to his discography.

During my Kraftwerk binge, I started thinking about all the samples and covers attributed to Kraftwerk and I thought to myself this needs to be all in one spot.

Which brings us to this week’s playlist – A massive 10 hour tribute to Florian Schneider and how he helped shape music as it stands today. From ambient to Miami bass Kraftwerk inspired tons of musicians over the decades. This playlist is just scratching the surface of everything that is out there.

If you are a fan of any of the records featured here I highly encourage you to dig a little deeper because it’s all amazing.

Rest In Programming Florian. – JF