James is one of MoFi Distributions newest employees, as the Digital Marketing Manager he is currently typing this in the 3rd person, and is excited to share a new weekly series he’s dubbed “Music For”.

Each week Music For will focus on a different mood, vibe, place, or genre of what he thinks is otherwise overlooked. These recordings will be Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi, and everything in between. So if you love all kinds of music sure you keep an eye on this page for future updates.

This week’s theme is something on everyone’s mind – Isolation. Whether it’s driving you insane or you’re the type of person who enjoys it, it’s a fact that we’re all in it.  This playlist is for those who wish to embrace the latter. Washed out synth pads and slow chuggy basslines with a hint of breakbeat – everything you need to dissociate from our current situation. 
These tracks are pulled from old playlists and records I used to put on when I would hop my bike on an empty bus at 6am and commute to a Hi-Fi shop where I worked for a few hours before everyone else showed up. These songs always made the perfect soundtrack to those quiet mornings alone.