Some frequently asked questions in the MoFi inbox.
If you don’t see your question or can’t find an answer please use our contact form – https://mofidistribution.com/contact/


Q: Where can I find a dealer for your products?

A: You can find an authorized Dealer near you with our dealer locator – https://mofidistribution.com/dealers/ 

Warranty Repair

Q: Where/How can I get my broken MoFi Distribution speakers/electronics repaired?

The first thing is to reach out to the dealer who sold you the product, all repair work should go through your dealer. 

They may be able to fix the unit easily, or provide assistance with troubleshooting. 

If the unit needs to go to a Service Center your dealer will coordinate with MoFi Distribution on your behalf. 

If you have no dealer you can contact MoFi Distribution via the contact page on our website – https://mofidistribution.com/contact/

Be sure to have a copy of your proof of purchase available for review.


Q: Where can I find information on an older Koetsu cartridge?

A: Koetsu does not keep good records of older cartridges, so we are unfortunately not able to provide any information about older cartridges, nor about cartridges sold before MoFi Distribution became the Koetsu US distributor.

Q: Where can I have my Koetsu cartridge re-tipped, or rebuilt?

A: Koetsu only does rebuilds of their cartridges. The Rebuild Process is done through any of our Koetsu dealers. Koetsu will do a complete rebuild of the cartridge, new internal components, suspension, cantilever, stylus, etc.  MoFi Distribution Dealer locator – https://mofidistribution.com/dealers/ 

Q: Is there a trade -in program for Koetsu catridges?

A: Yes. The trade in Process is done through any of our Koetsu Dealers. and lead time is 6-8 weeks from once we receive the cartridge. 

MoFi Distribution Dealer locator – https://mofidistribution.com/dealers/ 

MoFi Electronics 

Q: Can my Studio/Ultra/master tracker be re-tipped or rebuilt? 

A: MoFi Electronics cartridges do not have a replaceable stylus. That was a design character chosen by Allen Perkins, we found a fixed stylus plate sounded much better than a removable one. We instead offer a trade-in program where you can get a new MoFi cartridge at a reduced cost after yours wears out or if you simply decide to upgrade. This action is completed through our dealer network. The old cartridge will be sent for rebuild and the customer will receive a new cartridge from the dealer at a discounted price.

MoFi Distribution Dealer locator – https://mofidistribution.com/dealers/ 

Q: Can my Studio/UltraTracker be upgraded?

A: We offer a trade-in program where you can get a new MoFi cartridge at a reduced cost  if you simply decide to upgrade. This action is completed through our dealer network.

MoFi Distribution Dealer locator – https://mofidistribution.com/dealers/ 

Q: There is no power On/Off switch on the Studio/UltraPhono, do I unplug it when not using it?

A: The MoFi Electronics Phono Stages are designed to be left on all the time. The very low current draw will not harm the device.

Q: Is the Subsonic Filter engaged on the Studio/UltraPhono when the button is depressed or the up position?

A:The subsonic filter on our phono stages is engaged when in the up position, pressed down is the bypass position. This is opposite of the mono button, which is engaged when pushed down. The reason it is done this way is because the subsonic filter is recommended to be used all the time.

Q: Is the Studio/Ultraphono in Mono when the button is depressed, or in the up position?

A:The Mono circuitry is engaged when the button is depressed.

Q: Are MoFi Electronics made in the USA?

A: Yes, they are made in the USA. The majority of components are made in the USA including the motor (Indiana), tonearm, plinth, bearings. However, some parts are sourced from Asia when there isn’t a feasible option to manufacture in the US such as the dust cover and power button. Every turntable is manufactured in our own factory in Michigan. Recently due to high demand we’ve moved our phono stage assembly to California so Ann Arbor can focus on turntables. 

Q: Which cartridge alignment system do you recommend for your turntables?

A: We use the Dr. Feickert protractor and Loefgren for the factory alignment of cartridges. 

Q: Will the Studio/MasterDeck fit on my rack?

A: The minimum footprint for a StudioDeck or an UltraDeck would be at least 14”W x 11”D.

Q: When my Studio/Masterdeck starts there is a squeal from the belt at the drive pulley, is this normal?

A:The belt slipping at startup is 100% normal operation and that is what creates that chirping sound. We use a high torque Hurst motor to drive the heavy Delrin platter so it takes the belt about a second to grip on the motor pulley. The belt we used was specifically chosen by our drive system engineer to achieve the lowest W&F. There are a lot of other high end tables that do the same thing. If the noise really bothers you, you can try assisting the platter at start up with a gentle push by hand.

Q: What is the Compliannce on the MoFi cartridges?

StudioTracker –  Dynamic compliance :  8 x 10e-6/dyne

UltraTracker –   Dynamic compliance :  10 x 10e-6/dyne

MasterTracker –   Dynamic compliance :  10 x 10e-6/dyne

Q: Are the StudioPhono and UltraPhono the same except for the headphone amp section?

A: While they are similar in look and design, besides the “Class A” Headphone amplifier built into the Ultra phono, the UltraPhono is a quieter unit. the UltraPhono has 6dB better signal-to-noise ratio which makes it a better choice for low output moving coil type cartridges that require high amounts of gain. Further, the lower noise provides more audible reproduction fidelity. They are both wonderful units, that perform well beyond what their pricing would have one think.

Q: What differences makes the UltraDeck superior to the StudioDeck?

A: The UltraDeck is much better damped from internal and external vibration by the layered damping. The platter, motor and tone arm are all situated on a different layer to maximize damping & isolation of each component from the others. The Delrin platter is thicker and more massive which will aid speed accuracy, plus provide for blacker sonic backgrounds and a lower noise floor. Also, the UltraDeck tone arm is equipped with Cardas wiring. This higher resolution wiring provides greater resolution and signal purity. Finally, the inverted bearing is made of a more smooth and durable materials. These materials provide more rotation accuracy for a longer time.

Ultimately all these improvements enable the UltraDeck to provide a much higher resolution from the albums played on it versus the StudioDeck. The Ultradeck+M is the best bang for the buck; it is a high resolution front end that will sound better & better as the electronics supporting it get better (due to improved resolving capabilities).

Q: Is “Notch 1” on the Anti-Skate Pin at the tip or the base of the anti-skate pin?

A: Notch 1 is nearest the base of the pin.

Q: I am moving to a country with a different voltage and Hz. Can my Studio/UltraDeck be modified to work on the different voltage and Hz?

A: We do not offer modifications to our turntables going to other countries. Once you have moved to the new location, the MoFi Electronics Distributor for the destination country will need to be contacted to perform the modifications.

Dr. Feickert 

Q: How can I purchase the Dr. Feickert Adjust+ system?

A: The Adjust+ system is only available directly from Dr. Feickert. Please refer inquiries to [email protected].


Q: What would you recommend as a good center channel to pair with the Whatfedale Lintons, if any?

A: Understanding that one of the goals in HT is to have the same character of sound across the front, and in addressing that, using the same manufacture’s speaker series across the front is best. With no Linton center available, the best match is another Wharfedale speaker. We feel any of the Diamond 200, 300 or 11 series would work. Also, while room and monitor size are of consideration, there is merit to the idea that one of the larger centers would make a better match; like the Diamond 240C or the Diamond 111 CS. 


Q: Where can I get my QUAD ESL (63, 988, 989, 2805, 2905, 2812, 2912) repaired if it is out of warranty?

A:  Please contact HiFi Heaven [email protected]  or Scott Frankland Assoc. [email protected]