Where can I get product repairs?

The first thing is to reach out to the dealer who sold you the product, all repair work should go through your dealer. They may be able to fix the unit easily, or provide assistance with trouble shooting. If the unit needs to go to a Service Center your dealer will coordinate with MoFi Distribution on your behalf.

If you have no dealer you can contact MoFi Distribution via the contact page on our website. Be sure to have a copy of your proof of purchase available for review.

Where can I get my QUAD ESL (63, 988, 989, 2805, 2905, 2812, 2912) repaired if it is out of warranty?


HiFi Heaven 

115 Park Ave., Falls Church VA 22046

(703) 932-4825

[email protected]​​


Scott Frankland Assoc. 

706 Charcot Ave, San Jose, CA  95131

Ph # (408) 432-1500

[email protected]

Where can I find information on an older Koetsu cartridge?

Koetsu does not keep good records of older cartridges, so we are unfortunately not able to provide any information about older cartridges, nor about cartridges sold before MoFi Distribution became the Koetsu US distributor.

How can I purchase the Dr. Feickert Adjust+ system?

The Adjust+ system is only available directly from Dr. Feickert. Please refer to – http://www.feickert.org/index.php?id=12&L=1